Your home is a representation of you and should be decorated as such. If you haven’t already taken the Myers Briggs personality quiz, we suggest taking it. It will help you know yourself better, making your home decor a more direct reflection of you.

Knowing your personality type and the style that reflects it, can help one make more cognizant decorating decisions. Everyone has different styles when it comes to home decor, so figure out which style is right for you. Here are some decorating ideas for different personality types.

Analysts are good at recognizing their surroundings. They are strategic thinkers, analyzing the situation around them and coming up with the best solution. As an analyst, you know what is best for you. So, go with your gut and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Here are some of our suggestions for the smart and curious:

• Imaginative
• Innovative
• Strong willed
• Leaders
• Strategic thinkers

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